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The harmony of YANG cascades down the marble waterfall. A lightness of being overflows from the exquisite oceanside location as the iconic Table Mountain plays the perfect backdrop. A light, uplifting interior enhances your dining experience, while the harbour’s hypnotic energy embraces. In one of the most famous and visited cities in the world, TANG at the V&A Waterfront offers the perfect escape for the senses by the sea.

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The Tang dynasty (618 – 907 CE) revelled in the senses. Practicing an appreciation for creativity and expression they celebrated one thing above all – taste.

Cooking over fire has brought friends and flavour together for thousands of millennia. Now evolved, enhanced and refined, we continue the ancient art.

Over 2000 years old “wok” is derived from the Cantonese word meaning “Cooking Pot”. Designed for optimum heat distribution, this ancient design allows for a wide variety of meals to be cooked with perfection.

The word is made up of the three kanji 居 (stay) 酒 (drink) 屋 (place) representing the classic Japanese bars where friends gather for food drinks, and a good time.


flavour, smell, ingredients, interest


mood, flow, drive, exchange


value, shared, rich, abundant


taste, pleasure, pursuit, content


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With the mission of cultivating high-end, service-driven property and capital investments, the Miramar Collection redefines quality by investing in more than just money, but ideas. Enjoy the TANG experience.

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