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The Tang dynasty (618 – 907 CE) revelled in the senses. Practicing an appreciation for creativity and expression they celebrated one thing above all – taste.

TANG is a luxurious take on the Japanese IZAKAYA-style of eating and drinking.

With select, premium ingredients our food is prepared and brought to perfection by talented chefs.

Our Robata grill elevates dining by infusing food with irresistibly smokey flavours and reminding us of the ancient art of fireside cooking.

Ancient and beautifully efficient cooking pots, we’d be nowhere without our woks, as they are key to our kitchen’s success.

The Izakaya – a classic Japanese bar where friends gather for food, drink, and good times – is an integral part of who we are.

Here we celebrate luxury and taste, appreciating life and living it to its fullest. Indulge your senses in this inspired escape, and pinnacle of Asian cuisine.
Welcome to TANG.

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The TANG Coin

The coin is not luck itself, but rather the recognition of possibility, and the encouragement of its presence in our lives. Intently placed inside TANG’s walls a single, hallowed coin sits, energising all things fortunate, and spreading good luck to all who would welcome it.